A Designer Piece on Your Desk

It makes iPhones and iPods look better. Inspired by the icon of worm-eaten apple, Sinjimoru’s sync-stand matches any Apple product.

The transparent texture, which is the base of Apple design, compliments the clear white color.

Natural Vertical / Horizontal Cradling

Sinjimoru sync-stand naturally supports landscape and portrait(with charge and sync) mode.

Use of Genuine iPod Cables

Unlike other stands that have no charging function, the sync-stand plays the role of a cradle that is capable of charging and syncing with a genuine Apple iPod cable is installed.

*An aftermarket iPod cable also be used if the size is same.

Cable Attachment & Detachment Made Easy

The cable attached to the sync-stand can easily be detached anytime. It can be separated from the sync-stand within a few seconds if needed.

Excellent iPhone, iPod Compatibility

This stand supports all the latest iPod products after 5th generation such as iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, 3GS or 4G.

Using It With the Protection Case? Not a Problem.

It allows the user of the cradle for charging or syncing the device in a vertical or horizontal position even when the case is on the gadget.

Choice of Colors

Three colors are available for the user’s selection - creamy white, pastel pink and ocean blue.

Just select the one that matches your iPhone, protection case and skin.

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